Funambol OneBizHub

Secure Cloud File Sync & Share For Business

OneBizHub enables service providers to go to market with a branded service that provides an easy and secure way for users to share, sync and backup business files on all of their devices. It is based on proven technology used by millions of users across 50+ countries around the world.

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Secure business file access via the cloud

OneBizHub provides a secure cloud account for users to store and share their folders and files. The OneBizHub apps, installed on computers and mobile devices, seamlessly interact with the cloud. On computers, OneBizHub offers an encrypted drive for folders and files. Users simply drag-and-drop items in it, which are then automatically encrypted and kept in sync with the cloud and across all devices. OneBizHub mobile and web apps provide users with secure anytime access to their folders and files from smartphones, tablets and browsers.

Built to delight businesses and users alike

OneBizHub's elegant apps and platform include the following key features:
  • Unlimited cloud storage for end users
  • Encrypted drive with a full range of sharing options, access control, and notifications
  • Automatic cloud sync, including delta sync that only syncs changes to files
  • Folder and file backup and versioning
  • Online document preview and editor (e.g. MS Office Online)
  • Shared folder/file access control e.g. password protection, link expiration by date and number of accesses, etc.
  • Folder and file sharing via public links or emails with built-in tracking of all shared links
  • Cross-platform support for leading computers, mobile devices, and browsers
  • Remote find-and-wipe on mobile devices and computers
  • Web-based administration to manage users, accounts, etc.
  • Highly scalable and fault-tolerant architecture based on Funambol's proven unified cloud platform
  • REST APIs to allow easy integration with custom or third-party app extensions
  • Service provider web portal to administer customer deployments and accounts

OneBizHub advantages for service providers

Compared to other solutions, OneBizHub uniquely combines these attributes:
  • Superior user experience - next-gen apps built on top of Funambol's proven unified cloud platform
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment - deploy it as a hosted service or on your premises
  • White-label - deep branding to make it your business cloud offering
  • Ecosystem - seamless integration into service provider authentication, billing, administration, and other customer touch points

A single unified platform for businesses and consumers

OneBizHub enables service providers to offer a fully-branded cloud file sync and share service for businesses to generate revenue and increase customer loyalty. OneBizHub is built on top of the same unified cloud platform used by Funambol's market-leading OneMediaHub personal cloud solution for consumers. The advantage for service providers is 'single sourcing' of white-label cloud storage with separate and optimized user experiences for businesses and consumers, enabling them to compete-and-beat over-the-top services.